How Websites Are Blocked At Work Or School

How Websites Are Blocked At Work Or School

Internet censorship is a cat and mouse game, and thanks to technology advancements, defeating website blocking mechanisms is easier than ever.

A sad day

Well there we have it. I have finally found a way to make $1500 worth of equipment disappear. I should consider a career as a magician, because just like magic my drone (and hope) is gone. It was a regular flight, like any other, but this time I was flying near the Barnegat light house- […]

Verizon FiOS’ Smoke And Mirrors

I try not to watch TV for obvious reasons, but while flipping around yesterday I couldn’t help but notice the Verizon’s new attention-grabbing FiOS commercial. Normally, I wouldn’t care so much about FiOS because Verizon still refuses to run their costly fibre optic cables to Lacey. But their new commercial is just plain misleading. (embedded […]

Interview with CIO Magazine

CIO Magazine wanted my take on tips you can take to improve search engine rankings for small business websites. Here’s what I had to say: WordPress is, in essence, a blogging platform. But many businesses use it as the content management system for a complete website. Yoast’s WordPress SEO Plugin (free) is a favorite among […]

Football bores me

I know I’m in the minority here. And that’s OK. But I really needed to get this off my chest. Nothing bores me more this time of year more than America’s infatuation with football. The smell of alcohol and the sound of fans drunkenly brawling and quarreling. I’ll take a raincheck on that, please! I’ve […]

WHOIS Spam: The Worst Of The Worst

Whenever you register a new domain name (such as your contact information is made public via the American Registry For Internet Numbers’ WHOIS database, unless you paid extra for private registration. Considering the volume of spam I’ve been getting every time I’ve registered a domain for myself or a client, it’s really getting to […]

New Song – “Revolution 928″

As many of my readers already know, as a hobby I produce electronic music. Here’s my latest piece, entitled “Revolution 928″