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WHOIS Spam: The Worst Of The Worst

Whenever you register a new domain name (such as your contact information is made public via the American Registry For Internet Numbers’ WHOIS database, unless you paid extra for private registration. Considering the volume of spam I’ve been getting… Continue Reading →

New Song – “Revolution 928″

As many of my readers already know, as a hobby I produce electronic music. Here’s my latest piece, entitled “Revolution 928″ Blind, Incompetent “Security” Software

Over the weekend  I gave myself the task of setting up Glype. Glype is an interesting  PHP script that allows one to create a simple web proxy on any Apache web server. The purpose of this, primarily for myself is… Continue Reading →

Windows: One Mess Of An Operating System

My intense disdain for Microsoft Windows and its cohorts is no secret. Just because it’s the most popular (for now) computer operating system definitely does NOT make it the best, or even close to that. Between the relic that the… Continue Reading →

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