A sad day

Well there we have it. I have finally found a way to make $1500 worth of equipment disappear. I should consider a career as a magician, because just like magic my drone (and hope) is gone. It was a regular flight, like any other, but this time I was flying near the Barnegat light house- […]

My Thoughts On iOS 8

The foundation of a great building is what allows it to stand tall. Whether you’re building a modest single family home or a grandiose skyscraper, a strong foundation is imperative to the future stability of the structure. A foundation is exactly what last year’s iOS 7 brought to Apple’s mobile device software platform. It introduced […]

Football bores me

I know I’m in the minority here. And that’s OK. But I really needed to get this off my chest. Nothing bores me more this time of year more than America’s infatuation with football. The smell of alcohol and the sound of fans drunkenly brawling and quarreling. I’ll take a raincheck on that, please! I’ve […]

WHOIS Spam: The Worst Of The Worst

Whenever you register a new domain name (such as gavinrozzi.com) your contact information is made public via the American Registry For Internet Numbers’ WHOIS database, unless you paid extra for private registration. Considering the volume of spam I’ve been getting every time I’ve registered a domain for myself or a client, it’s really getting to […]